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Louisiana Tenant Lease violation

I have a tenant that I leased to, a mom and 2 kids.  The lease clearly states that only she and the 2 kids were to occupy the house.  "Any change in occupancy will require written consent of the Landlord and may be subject to an adjustment in the amount of rent." I found out at the end of the lease that her ex-husband moved in sometime during the lease without notification to me.  There was damage to the property that was more than normal wear and tear.    Can I keep her deposit for her violating the lease when she didn't notify me that he moved in?
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Yes, but only up to the total cost of damages. Have the repairs done professionally and include a copy of the receipt with the adjusted remaining deposit. The purpose of a security deposit is to cover needed repairs and/or unpaid rent upon tenant vacating, not as a "punishment" for not informing you. While a judge will mostly support you for the damage repair, (s)he will most likely not grant you anything beyond.
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