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OREGON -Ending and Renewing - NEW for Oregon

See clause below: "Oregon Assist: Ending and Renewing:  PERIODIC TENANCIES: NEW for 2019: Landlords may decide to not renew or extend a one-year or shorter lease by giving a 30-day termination notice before the lease’s expiration date. If the landlord does not terminate and the tenant stays, the tenant has become a month-to-month tenant, but one who has the protections of just cause eviction rules on account of the tenant’s occupancy for more than one year. A 30 day no cause eviction* period applies for tenancies where any tenant has lived in the rental unit for less than one year."  What is the work around this? Terminate at end of lease agreement and if you want to continue, start a new lease, let's say 6 more months? What are the consequences if you don't start a new lease?
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Sound like even a new lease makes it so you must have just cause to get them to leave since they have been there more than a year.
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