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Tenant wants to terminate the lease early

Our tenant is asking the terminate the lease in the middle of his lease because he is dealing with his mothers health care and needs to move closer to her. Are there any guidelines or "norms" as the landlord in this situation? Can we keep his entire security deposit. As of right now his current rent payment is late by 4 days.

Terminating a lease early usually entitles the landlord to keep the deposit. In some states, the landlord can also charge for the months the apartment is left vacant. Typically it's a maximum of one month unless there are extenuating issues, in particular damage and repairs. If the vacating tenant refuses to pay for vacant month(s), you may have to file suit to collect however. Good Luck.
My Florida tenant lease auto-renewed and 2 months after the renewal. Now my tenant want's to move she gave me the 60 days notice as per the lease and says she was leaving early because her friend will move in so I will not lose any month's rent. I agreed she can break the lease under these terms but of course, this didn't happen tenant did not leave early nor did her friend want to rent the house and tenant gave me no time to re-rent with-in the same month so I kept 20 days of rent out of her deposit. Am I able to do this? I thought I was being nice only keeping a portion of what I am out as I still haven't re-rented and am out another month's rent.  please help as today will be the 30 days to return the deposit. am I entitled to keep the deposit?
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