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pet damage

Here is my situation, the renter moves out early, agrees to pay the lease until it is up.  She had a dog.  I knew the dog did damage to the screen porch door.  The dad of the renter fixed part of the problem, but there was also damage that needed to be repainted.  The whole outside of the door frame needed to be repainted since spot painting would not be an acceptable paint job.  Inside her room, the dog obviously tried to claw at the door know and left claw/nail marks in the molding around the door..only by the door knob.  Not bad at all, but nontheless, damage done by the dog.  I have a $500 pet security deposit.   Suggestions for how to judge the dollar amount of damage and whether I should ask her to repair the damage or simply take it from the security. Never did this rental thing ever before! Need advise. Thank you.

I would use a Security Deposit Receipt, list all of the damages and the cost to fix, and go from there.   Below is a URL you can copy and past for the "Security Deposit Receipt" form.
How old was the carpet?  Yes, you can definitely charge for the pet damage to the subfloor.
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