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Propane Bill

We are in the 1st stage of the eviction process with a tenant for non payment of their rent.    Our company negotiated a group purchase agreement for your properties for propane heating fuel in order to pass along lower rates (11 properties)  The bills are monthly, individually distributed and payable within 10 days.  The tenant has not paid their latest bill that was due on the 18th.  I have given them the past due/due immediately notice for their bill of $200.    Can I remove them from the group purchase agreement and require them to get their own propane contract moving forward.  This is in their lease and a notice is given in the beginning of the heating season.

I would give them a notice to pay (like the Demand for late utility payment above) or start the eviction process. You can evict if the tenant is behind in the rent; or the tenant has breached (broken) some clause of the lease. Which in this case he/she has done both.
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