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3-Day or 60-Day notice to evict

I own a house in CA and lease it to a tenant that started his lease over 2 years ago and is now on a month to month basis.   The tenant is a serial complainer. He has been coming up lately every month with different defects in the house as a way to decrease his monthly payments. He also complained at the end of the month but today he sent a formal letter saying he is withholding the rent until all defects will be fixed.  I am tired of his behavior and simply want him out of the house.   What is the fastest way to get him out?  1. A 3-Day Notice for not paying this month rent (but then he might take me to court saying he did not pay since I did not fix the defects)   OR   2. A 60-Day for end of lease (then I don't need a reason to end the lease). I won't be paid for two months but I think the chances of having to go to court are smaller.  What is my best option?

you will have less problems with the 60 didnt say if the orignal lease was a 1 year or 6 month lease, in California you only have to provide him a 30 day notice if he is under 6 month lease
how can i download and print an eviction notice for free
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