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How do I remove a tenant that does not want to sign a removal tenant form and has abandoned the property

Hi,  I have a boyfriend and girlfriend renting my home.  The girlfriend has been paying the rent. The boyfriend does not work. They broke up. He removed his items but refuses to sign the tenant removal form.  The girlfriend wants to finish the 2 months remaining on their lease but he is coming and going into the house anytime he wishes. What can we do to help her?  He refuses to work with her to have him removed from the lease in Texas.  Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thank you Bob.  I greatly appreciate your input in this matter.  She is not a friend.  Just a tenant. She is asking me to help her get him off the lease but I do not know how to help her if he is refusing to sign the tenant removal form.  Anyhow I will let it be and she will have to figure it out herself.
Unless the woman is a good friend of yours, you need to stop trying to solve their problems. As a Landlord, that is not your responsibility. Stay neutral. Your only job is to preserve your investment. Sorry for the so-called lecture, but you could find yourself in a situation that may not be pleasant. I’m assuming that he’s on the lease. If so, there is probably nothing you can do to move him out. Given that only 2 months remain on the lease, send them a Notice ASAP that you will not be renewing their lease and that they should vacate the property when the lease terminates. You may also want to prepare yourself for starting an eviction process in case they don’t move out. Be prepared for excuses as to why they couldn't move.
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