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Previous Tenant moved out, left personal property, Now she wants it back

The previous tenant to my new unit left personal items scattered everywhere, and I was stuck cleaning it up.  The landlord who is my neighbor and friend insists she has the right to claim it.  I disagree.  She vacated the property two weeks prior to me moving in, yet her things were still here when I moved in three days ago.  Now she is calling asking for her property and her deposit.  It took me two days of cleaning to make the unit liveable, plus I was stuck cleaning up her stuff.  I believe she relinquished her right to the personal property and it became mine to do with what I want once I moved in..  I would feel differently if she had boxed it all up herself and set it outside with a note saying she'll be back to pick it up.  Please let me know the legality of this issue in the state of Colorado.

Are you the new tenant? I wouldn't assume they are now your things. Most states have laws regarding the amount of time alloted to reclaim such items. I would let the landlord handle this vs you, who appears to be the new tenant. You may want to do a little research or hopefully another landlord in Colorado may respond.
There are statutes for landlords that may be different in different states, as to what they must do with tenant's property.  If you are the new tenant it isn't your responsibility, it's the landlord's.
So your "friend" rented you a space and didn't clean it up first??? First off, some friend. Secondly, it is not your property, it is the previous tenants, and if your landlord/friend had done her job you wouldn't even have to ask this question.
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