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Extreme Problem Tenants and I Need Serious Help

The tenants were 2 months behind on rent (total about $800) and decided about a week ago to move out. Today we were visited by the sheriff's department and one of the tenants is now wanted for failure to appear in court. Yesterday was the day they were supposed to be finished moving out (which they weren't). I gave them tonight to finish and went to the house to see how it was. I walk to the door and it is wide open, busted, and can't be closed, walk inside and it smelled like cat and dog urine and feces. I start to walk around and there is various holes in the wall, giant cockroaches, and discoloration of the floor. Not only was the floor discolored but it was also torn up. I go to one of the bathrooms and lo and behold there was a wonderful surprise left in the toilet (your assumptions are likely correct). After the bathroom I go to one of the bedrooms and find bottles of urine in the floor. Also there is a bunk bed and washer/dryer from rent to own place. These are my second renters and I have no clue what to do in this situation.  Summary: Disgusting tenants wrecked the house and I'm new to being a landlord so I'm not sure what to do.  Thank you in advance for your advise.

I would recommend taking pictures of everything, then start the legal process.
First of all CALL the rental company to come get there property so that you are not held reponsible for the remaining money owed to the company. Then TAKE PICTURES you will need them at court. Finally FILE DAMAGE TO PRIVATE PROPERTY report with your local authorities so that the damage is recorded with them as well (extra witnesses). After all that FILE in small claims court. Hope this helped. GOOD LUCK
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