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Tenants notified of wanting to move out.

I received an email this evening of tenant wanting to move out due to possible deployment.  however, there have not been any orders  issued to date. My question is: For the state of TN what are the guidelines for a tenant to move out. Such as deposit and re-renting the place as their lease is not up until December 2013. Until orders are present will the tenant be responsible or is it only PCS orders for military  that are honored and not necessarily deployment orders? Do they forfeit the deposit an are they reliable for rent for a certain amount of time until the place is  rented to someone else? Thanks!

i have a 30 day month to month rental agreement beginning on the first of month with this man, and he gave me 30 day notice in the middle of month and didnt pay for the balance to be for the whole 30 days, and says it will pay for it on the first , is this legal.........
First, if a military clause was used in your lease, generally as long as the terms are met, usually a 30 day notice, then the landlord must return the security deposit as long as there are no physical damages or other charges owed.
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