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Tenant renting out the Leased home as a vacation rental

I had a neighbor who lives next to my rental home in Oregon contact me concerned my Tenants were renting my home as a vacation rental.  This clearly violates our Lease Agreement if I find it to be true.  I realize I can evict her as she would have violated the Lease, however I have heard a Landlord has to be very careful with any eviction.  What would be the correct legal steps to take in this case.

In Texas an eviction has to be filed with the Justice of the Peace court. This court system is often called the "common mans court" due to it's structure to accommodate those who don't regularly use the court system. If I were to evict, I would have to file notice in the court, which is simple and a quick trip to the court house can explain the process. From there your tenant will be served a notice and notified of their court date. On the day of the court you would have to prove the violation of the lease. Once both parties have presented there case, then the judge will issue his ruling. If they are evicted, a sheriffs officer will arrive on the stated date to ensure the tenant has vacated the property. There are some fees involved, and if you feel safer with an attorney, hopefully your lease stated that your Tenant would be responsible for any legal fees. Good luck!
Susanne - I just found this article that gives you very detailed steps in how to go through an eviction process:
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