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Tenant didn't want to sign a lease agreement, she is always late with her rent, can I evict her any time?  We are in TX

We have a tenant in one of our mobile homes rental. She refused to sign the lease from the time she moved in. Our problem is she is always late or behind her payment for the rent and electricity. She promised to pay her rent and electric bill every 2nd Friday of the month. She never fulfill her promises, she always have excuses for not paying her rent on time. We always need to remind her, and if we don't remind her, she will not pay, until her bills accumulate which makes it harder for her to pay. She didn't have security deposit & no pet deposit.  She has cat and dog in the house which causing damages and it's stinking in there. This month she hasn't paid her rent on the date that she promised and she still owe an amount from last month. Since she didn't sign the lease agreement, ca we evict her any time lawfully according to TX law?

If a tenant doesnt pay rent, its a breach of the lease. Send them a notice demanding payment, if they dont pay, start the eviction proceedings.
She pays her rent but always late and not the full amount of the monthly rent. We wanted to get her out of the rental home as soon as possible cause she's causing damages in and out of the home. She doesn't have any signed or written lease agreement cause she refused to sign one. So it means she's living there in a month to month basis. My question is can we evict her lawfully any time we wanted to?
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