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Carpet charges/Security Deposit.

Good Morning all, Quick question.  I just moved out of a 4 bedroom, 2,700 sq foot rental house in Chesterfield, Va.  My application fee was 150.00 (high?) and my deposit was 1600.00.  The lease stated I had to have carpets prof. cleaned when I moved out.  I was there from March 1st 2012 to April 1, 2013.  Here is what was said about the application fee:  "Corporate office is in Utal and they call the $150 fee many things - I call it an application fee because it is non-refundable.  I could break it down and charge for credit, criminal bg check, but I believe in simple also.  To the best of my knowledge and my broker certainly looks over everything, it is legal. I know it is a lot at once for you and I appreciate having you and your family as tenants.  This house needs love.  We will work through all issues."  That may not be an issue at all but thought I would add it.  I was an excellent tenant and clean and my landlord was thorough with inspections every now and then.   Getting things fixed was no so prompt when requested..etc.  (The person fixing things painted over mold in the bathroom and when called to replace a dishwasher, took from 3/15 to 5/02 days to address with follow ups from me.)  I never gave a written "complaint" notice about the dishwasher but I have all emails asking about from start to end.  I'm only mentioning this in case it can give me leverage with helping with the carpet later.  10 days before my lease end date and before anything was moved out, the landlord did a quick walk thru and that night emailed me this,   "Sorry I missed seeing you but this was just a quick deal to make sure that we are on the same page as to what will need to be done.  There is some touchup painting that will need to be done and this will be done by my painter.  The spots that I noticed and this could change based on what it looks like empty:  living room will need some touch up and when the doors are down, the woodwork will as well, the inside of the front door, the hallway upstains, the green bedroom.  Please let your cleaning crew know that the light fixtures should be included and that hardwood floors should be cleaned with Murphy's Wood Soap.  I am worried about the carpet and we will just have to see how that does.    I emailed her back an hour later and said: "In fairness, I do need to move all of my stuff and pictures and furniture and beds out before we have the final inspection/walk-thru.   I still need to have the entire place cleaned and the carpets prof. done but can’t do that until I’m moved out."  She said, "I understand.  You are making great progress."  I had the carpets prof. cleaned. 150.00  I had the house prof. cleaned. 150.00  I left things cleaner then when I moved in and the landlord even said so.   The only issues were in 2 bedrooms.  The Master about 20x16 and a childs room, about 10x12.  Beige worn carpet was in there when we moved in.  Not awful worn but clearly walked on, some spots here and there but not unsitely.  "The house just needs love" and i have an email from the landlord stating that verbatum a week after I moved in.  I had put 2 throw rugs down on both bedroom carpets and the throw rug had a red tint to it that bled very lightly on the Master and Child's carpet.   Bout a 4x 6 throw rug. Lightly, or not, I do agree I should replace the carpets, as I was on my hands and knees and still could not get it up.  It was so lite it was more pink instead of red, but I put it there so I take responsibility for it.  There was also a 14x8 section of a hall wall that she said would need to be repainted.  There were little scuff marks and a some small nail holes that I had covered up very lightly trying to clean things up.  You can't see the "cover ups" unless the light hits it right..but still, I should have left that alone but it stil looks better then it did when I moved in.  So, a section of a wall, a Master Bedroom and Childs Bedroom carpet replacement-this is verbatum what she

Rachel, it looks like the post was cut off. Not sure what exactly you are asking.
thanks for responding..I didn't realize it got cut off.   To add to my post:   I was out of my rental on time.  The next day, April 1st, 2013 was our final walk-thru inspection. Myself, and the Real Property Management rep.  That is who the owner uses. April 5th, 2013 11:01am-She emailed me to tell me that the quote to "remove and install carpet " for 2 of the 4 dedrooms rooms would be 1050.00. (17.2x13.10 and 10.2x11.4)   I gasped to myself.  I replied nicely, that I wanted an itemized cost for each deduction per room that was going to be taken out of my $1,600 security deposit.           She responded, "Tenant-I asked that both rooms be measured and a price given.  If you are asking for a breakdown per room, I will have to get that.  The costs would include "removal and installation", as well as carpet."   April 6th-I responded, "Yes please.  A complete itemized list of each charge per room and thanks!"  April 8th-2:17pm-"Tenant-I requested the per room breakdown on the carpet replacement, as requested. This is reasonable based on other estimates I have gotten for various properties.  XXX is a Class A Contractor and he does everythign as inexpensively as possible and you are certainly welcome to pay him direct. This does ot have to come thru me. I need to know that this is completed in the next week or so so let me know how you wish to handle this."   Here are my questions: 1.  She has not mentioned one time anything about the depretiation life of the carpet.  I know it was not brand new when I moved in by a long shot. What is the depreciation life of carpet in Virginia? How should I politely bring this up and should I ask for the owners tax statements to see what they claim in depretiation to verify how old the carpet actually is.  If I can't ask for that, what doc's should I ask for for verification of how old the carpet is? 2. She says removal of carpet, installation and removal will be 1050.00.  I got a full quote with the exact same measurements from Home Depot for new carpet at 8-10.00 per yard, padding included, disposal and installation for 670.00.  Lowe's was 730.00 for the same and another quote from another local company for 762.00.  What can I do about this huge difference in amount she wants to pay when I have copies of these estimates/quotes from these reputable companies? How should I bring that up? 3. April 1st is when we did the final inspection. How long does she have to return my deposit or remainder of my deposit to me after that inspection?  This so called "Class A Contractor" has done a horrible job at maintaining this home by the request of this property manager. To the point he paints over mold and water stains on the garage ceiling from the upstairs bathtub, mix matched faucets in the MB dbl-vanity, fixed toilet seats by drilling holes a centimeter over reattaching the seat instead of buying a new one..etc)   It appears that the property mgr and this contractor are probably charging back this owner for a full price of really crappy done work and they are pocketing the left over. JUST LIKE WITH THIS CARPET DEAL they are trying to do to me.   I can't stand people taking advantage of those they THINK don't know the law.  (or some of it...)  Thanks for listening!
Sorry.  There is no such thing as depreciation value when it comes to carpet.  Yes, it does deteriorate over time, but it does in fact cost the landlord a full cost when it comes time to replace the carpet.  As for the price difference, I would just flat out ask and provide her with a copy of the estimate you received from Lowes.  Did the estimate from Lowe's, etc include removal of old carpet? Maybe you ask these questions via email so there is proof of the conversation and there can not be a misconstrued 'tone of voice'.  When she sees your quote is 3 to 400 less, maybe she can explain where this difference occurs or maybe she will just settle with Lowe's?  Did you provide a move in form listing discrepancies with the home? and are you speaking to the rental agent or the landlord directly? Hope that helps.
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