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Tenenat is harassing Landlord

Can a Landlord evict a tenant if he is continually calling and harassing Landlord. It started over a late notice and now he continues to be loud and disrespectful and insulting and is refusing to stop calling. Yes late fees and rent were paid but now tenant is continually calling that this and that needs to be repaired. Written notice was sent informing him that he is to stop calling and send a written notice of repairs he needs to be taken care of. He still keeps calling so he can yell and be insulting and now he is even more mad because of notice to send list of repairs needed. The guy just wants to vent and be mean. Can I evict him if he signed a one year lease? Lease will be up in July of this year. I would appreciate any advise or resources to deal with this guy.  I tried being nice to him and apologize about the late notice and even offered to lower his rent but there is no appeasing this guy. Help! mj

This a rental in Arizona and the guy works as a border patrol - mj
Oh wow!!!! I don't think you need to lower his rent or do anything to keep him happy.  It sounds like he is abusing his "authority" just because of what he does for a living.  All you were doing was following your guidelines that you established in the lease.  Try not to let him intimidate you.  Maybe do a consult with an attorney.   You really shouldn't be treated this way!  Too bad, because he just sounds like a bully!!!!! Good Luck!!
In Georgia it's a little easier to evict at the Landlord's desire should the property be under any threat of destruction, etc.  Proper notice is usually 30 days.  But if the Tenant is on the destructive warpath, one may have them removed rather promptly.  Our church rented its manse until a new pastor could be located, simply to keep the building up.  The tenant refused to move, delayed the move, and the church itself kindly delayed all the tenant's supposedly honest excuses for not paying or packing up & moving.  The 30 day notice was sent, on the 30th day the sheriff escort him off the premises, and he then watched us unload the house of his furniture & possessions.  The former tenant continually drove around the block watching us, but over the next week NEVER picked up any of his possessions at the curb, so the city did (or others that may have scavenged the stuff).  We've since had no problems with this person.
Oh yeah, since I am not a church, I have much less time & patience with obstructive, destructive, or abusive tenants on properties of my own.  If destruction begins once they are told to leave, I am willing to take them to court and collect for the damages they inflicted on the house and property they once rented.  I have fewest problems with college-age female students, than with any other groups.  They seem to pay rent, reason with me, and care for property better.  In one house alone, over a period of about 25 years, I've had 5 window panes broken -- all by boys.  Of those 5, one was a minor whose mother insisted I let her pay for the replacement.   The worst damage by a female was taking a half- gallon of leftover chimney paint left by the painters outside and believing it was okay to paint 2 1/2 inside doors with it.  She ran out of paint.  That type of paint was almost impossible to remove.  She tried to move out one night secretly, just as I approached her door with her utility bill that had been delivered to me next door.  She nearly fainted.  I let her move without any problem as I didn't want to generated more stupid activities through her -- a.k.a. "Good riddance!" in a friendly mode.
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