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painting charges

My tenant has moved out and left a lot of nail holes all over the apt.  They patched the nail holes but needs repainting. Me and my husband repainted 6 walls and the hallway. I want to know how much can i charge for the painting as a rule.

Does it say anywhere in the lease that they may not hang pictures or anything with nails?   Normal Wear and Tear - This can include small scratches, minor scuffs, minimal nail holes, etc., on the walls or paint, worn or slightly stained carpeting, broken hinges, or other insignificant damage.  Damages - Actual damage to a property goes beyond normal wear and tear. For example, instead of small scuffs on the walls or a few nail holes, large holes in the wall or crayon/marker drawing on the walls would definitely be considered damage that is above and beyond normal wear and tear.
My eviction attorney stated $20 per hour per person doing repairs if repairs are done by the landlord and spouse for any items beyond normal wear and tear.  Take pictures of the walls and damage.  My rental had hundreds of nails and was documented via pictures and video as I moved down the wall.  Also depends on how long they lived in the unit.  A guideline is provided in "State of California landlord tenant law".  You may also request they mail you a hard copy.
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