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Death of Tenant

I really hope I am not being too morbid here.  One of our Rentals has an elderly Tenant with her Daughter and SIL as roommates.  No issue as they are the ones actually paying the bills.  The roommate agreement is very clear and they both signed understanding their responsibilities as roommates.  The question is:  Has anyone dealt with the death of a primary and had to enforce a similar situation on others residing under contract.  Rental in OH.  Thanks.

Oh this is a great post, because I feel as these crucial types of rentals are over looked. There are many elderly people that do rent and where I have not had to come across this situation as of yet I do have it noted in my lease as the order that things would occur if anything would take a turn for the worst.  Now with roommates I have it so the responsibility does fall to the remaining tenant but they do have to options in which I will A. either help them find a new roommate or B. we can negotiate a move out, so that we can properly fill the unit with people that can afford it with out going broke.
You must follow action and post a notice of the claiming property. If no one claims it in your states regulated time you may store it or do what you want with it, sell or trash.
I think that's the answer to a different question although good to know. What about collecting back rent when tenant has passed away?
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