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NYC Super threw out furniture

The tenant had paid rent through Oct.1st.  The tenant moved his clothes and small personal items with him. When he returned the following afternoon, the super had removed all of his furniture and put it on the street. The tenant is asking to be compensated for the furniture.  What is the law in NYC?

A tenant moved most of his belongings out of his apartment, but left behind two couches,a couple of lamps and a chair.  Technically he has three days left on his lease, but when he returned all the furniture had been put on the street by the super.  The super was under a lot of pressure to paint and clean the apartment.  Instead of throwing the furniture out shouldn't he have stored it in the basement until the tenant returned. The tenant now wants to be compensated for the discarded furniture. The super doesn't want to compensate the tenant and won't return phone calls.
Did the super go into the rental unit with proper notice?  If the tenant is still under lease, it sounds like the super screwed up badly.
The Super went into the apartment in the morning and all of the furniture was on the street before noon. So no there was no notice given.
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