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Eviction Order from Court/Tenants Move Out Early/No Notice?

The court ruled to award us back our property but they have until Nov 26 @ 10AM.  The problem is that we're pretty sure they have already moved out.  We have pictures from neighbors that showed a truck there and they mentioned briefly to the judge they would be moving out Nov 10.  Is it possible for them to put the utilities back into our name?  What if they have left the heat up?  Can we go in before the court order?  There are so many unanswered questions here.  PLEASE ASSIST!  Thank you

From what I understand they are responsible for the property until Nov 26.  As is generally the rule in most leases you can provide 24 hour notice and enter the premises to check on the condition.
No one can put utilities in your name unless they have all your necessary information. The utility companies make sure of that these days. If you suspected that they move out and you have pictures, go back to the court and let the judge know that and you may have can have the sheriff  go by the property with you and if it is indeed abandon. You can take it back. The Nov 26 is the latest they could say
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