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Eviction-lock-out  & property

We live in Oregon and made it all the way through the lock-out process. It took 7 police to remove our tenant, who was sleeping on the floor because she had removed almost all her belongings and furniture the week prior. The police even helped her load her car, remove a smelly couch and place everything in the driveway for her to take. They informed me she had till the of the day to take it all and she agreed to come back and remove it all. After 2 days I called the police and asked what I do with all the remaining stuff. The city police dispatcher told me I could get ride of what was left.  She left a lot of trash, a smelly couch and a washer and dryer.  After two weeks I get a phone call- she wants the washer and dryer back after I removed them. How do I look up state laws in Oregon to find out information about abandoned items after eviction-lock out.

She would have gotten the notice regarding her items at the time of the eviction.  You can check with the Sherrif's office to get a copy of what they give as notice.  But you should not have anything to worry about if she decides to file a law suit.  She clearly abandond or attempeted to use you as storage.
just look up landlord tenant laws in your state. you should be able to find all necessary essential info on there.
Usually you need to post a notice about what is going to happen to the left belongings, you should contact the tenant and give them the notice, if you cannot get a hold of them you can post the notice to the property door or pass it on to a forwarding address.  In most States it is 30 days that you must give them to claim the property or must store it for 30 days.
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