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I have been living in ths apt. for 6 months. under no lease of any kind. now we are being kicked out cuz the landlord wants to do other things with the house....we are willing to leave so thats no problem. BUT the issue is, that he gave us 4 DAYS to pack and get out or hes takin legal action.......does he have to give us written notice? and do is there any way we can have more thne 4 days to find a new place to live, pack up and get out??

Even on a verbal contract the landlord is required to give 30 days notice to leave. If you are willing to go this is fine but 4 days is an unfair amount of time to prepare to leave. He cannot ask this of you and is required by law a full 30 days to leave the property.  You can look up local and state Landlord Tenant Laws and present him with this FACT. If he takes legal action he has no case. But agree that you will move within 30 day is plenty fair and written notice wis also something that they would want to consider. PA happens to be very tenant friendly, so just communicate and be civil and things could go smoothly. Good Luck!
As mentioned above, by law he is not able to give you out on a whim. Tell him by the state law, you have 30 days from his verbal dismissal to vacate the property. Any action by him to make you leave before that 30 day will be going against law and you will take him to court.
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