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rent payments during 30 day notice to quit. California

Can you collect the rent due during a 30 day notice to vacate?

You can collect all monies owed up until the point that they are to leave. If they do not pay you owed money you would have to take court action I believe in small claims. After they move out you would have to get together security deposit and deducted fixes that you may need if any.
Are you sure, a friend of mine that used to be in property management said that if I take money owed it totally would make the three day pay rent or quit null and void
A 3 day notice is an eviction notice and would be voided by accepting payment.  A 30 day notice is not an eviction.  It is a notice to end the tenancy.  So you can collect rents for the remaining part of the tenancy without cancelling the notice.
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