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Violation of pet agreement

Any advice, I am an agent for an elder gentleman that is the owner of the leased property... Lease states 15 Pets: Pets are not allowed.  We did make note however that we could discuss pets at a later time.  A couple days ago did an inspection and the tenants stated "a while back" that they did have a puppy in the residence for a week but since they had not heard word on being allowed to have one yet or not decided to rehome the puppy.  I followed up with the owner of the property and advised the tenants that the owner stated NO puppies but would consider an older dog upon their finding of one they would like to have.  2 days later had to stop by for an unrelated matter and found the tenants to have 2 dogs in the residence, which they stated they were "dog sitting" so I still hand delivered an Unauthorized Pet Lease Violation letter.  Tenant refused to sign acceptance of that letter as well as stated they "WOULD NOT get rid of their dogs", need I say plural 2 dogs and the same day went from "dog sitting" and not theirs to now both dogs are theirs.  ... So any advice ????

Yes, Advice: They are violating the lease and need to be evicted. Unless there is a mutual agreement you can come to but they already broke the initial agreement, so what is to say they will not break a new one. Serve them a notice to quit. If they do not want to sign it Adhere it to the front door for all to see. Take pictures and submit a service of notice to the court.  Make sure to gather all evidence for when it goes to court. They must remove the animals or remove themselves.
I have tenants (5) who stated two of them had small dogs.  The lease was amended prior to move-in to include the two dogs.  We arrived at the premises to find two dogs on the premises (one came out of the house).  When speaking with the tenants, they have decided that since the lease didn't specifically state all information about the dogs, any two dogs were premitted at any time.  I don't agree with this since they had specifically stated that there would only be their two dogs outside only during the lease.  We have served them a notice of violation for pet violation.  Their lease states they forfeit their security deposit and must imediately make an additional one.  They have decided they will refuse to pay the additional security deposit.  We will need to now serve them a 14 day cure or vacate notice.  Is this the correct procedure for KY?
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