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Anyone use a cleaning checklist/fee schedule?

Tenants in process of moving out asking what is exactly her responsibility on move out cleaning wise and what will this or that cost if not done.  I told her as stated when viewed the place and when moved in, we want it "move in ready" but at this time I don't provide a check list.  Does anyone have such a list of cleaning appliances, carpets, etc cost of such if not done or cost of items that generally get taken.  With doing the new lease I definitely feel something of this nature needs added with lease or statement that such is provided by me to tenant when they give their 30 day notice to vacate.  Suggestions?

I have done this, I made a spreadsheet of the rooms in my rental, and features such as windows, appliances, conditions. This really helps in breaking down what needs to be cleaned and a rating chart. I have had dirtier tenants that I needed to do a cleaning after move out  and laid out the cost breakdown with this spreadsheet. It is a great way to have everything in order in case you have to hold security back or go after them for more money to cover cost.
Hello Brian, We have a checklist we would love you to look at and consider using. Here is a link for it: And please let us know if you need any assistance at all getting what  you need.
I do like the checklist form on the site, however are you guys able to do one where we can customize it?  Also when it comes to cleaning, how much is the "standard/average" fees you guys charge for cleaning appliances ( I have those down as 50.00 each) Sweeping excessive dirty/trash on floors, floor cleaning vs carpet cleaning (if do yourself verses hire out/bill as charged).  Any of you care to share what you feel are appropriate charges/prices for such?  Interested to find out so I know if I am cutting myself short or about right on cost I write up for my time to do such.  Thanks in advance!
is there a fee schedule for repairs and cleaning upon move out
John I would LOVE it if this site could come up with some "standard" fee schedule for repairs and cleaning.  I honestly never know if cutting myself short or not.
Yes you can edit the check list to your liking  and , I also charge my Tenants  a $250 cleaning fee if they leave the apartment dirty or leave anything behind , furniture , trash , etc....
I do like the checklist form on the site, however, are you guys able to do one where we can customize it? Also when it comes to cleaning. And if you want service regarding water damage restoration, then you also most welcome.
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