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Eviction tenant

The tenant is auto repair shop ( commercial ) State of California Los Angeles, month to month lease one year and before  that was one year lease term. month to month always late note paying late charge. Didn't pay august rent ,will not care about parking rolls, keep junk car for sale parts and place looks like a junk yard. I like evicted him. Please let me know how and what forum should I use. Regard Kash

Hello  I have given a tenant in California a 60 notice on 4/6/16 to vacate our rental.  We have it for sale.  I am concerned that the tenant does not intend to vacate by the 60 days 6/7/16.  Reading on line it appears I need to start an eviction process giving 3 day notice to leave then file with the California courts for a hearing date which is about 21 days to obtain.  Then give the eviction notice which can be up to 5 days the send in the sheriff.  We would be into at least the 3rd week of June by this scenario.   Do you have any insight to this? Thank you
It sounds like you have them on more to a residential lease term to me, even then you must follow the full eviction process.  Your local court should have the full rules and regulations for which steps you need to take.
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