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Security Deposit debate

Tenants (2) have moved out and left Apartment clean and in great condition. There was a disagreement between them and one is claiming that the Security deposit was made by him "Solely" The Rental Agreement was in both names and I am sure i can split it down the middle between both parties and let them deal with it civilly? I have been told to write out one check in both of their names? That sounds like I will get more problems from them in the long run because which one would I give it too?

Thanks! I received cash and placed it into a savings account in my bank.
Hmm that is a predicament indeed, did you receive one check from both of them? If so that person the check came from it should go back to. However if you received it individually send it the same way. Make sure that you have proof so that you are not held responsible.  This is really the only fair way to do it as to not take sides.
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