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Cleaning Fees List

Does anyone know of a sight or resource where I can get an idea of what to charge for cleaning after tenant moves out.  For example if the microwave needed to be cleaned how much should I charge for that? Stove. Etc.

What I have done was paid a cleaning service for a full house cleaning and an itemized breakdown from them per room and appliance. After that I take their quote and base it on that plus time and condition. This is a very fair way of doing it without worrying yourself about what is a decent charge  for cleaning.
I made an list broken down of the entire rental property and all of the appliances. This is my basic checklist, then depending on the condition of the area or appliance I have set up a range of charges.  If a microwave takes 30 minutes to clean thoroughly, time is money. Make your time worth it. I base it on $20 / hour which is around a basic cleaning fee for an outside company to come in in my town .
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