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Eviction of tenant, now I can not find them

It took me 3 months to receive a court order eviction of my tenants, neither one of them appeared in court.   I'm now into my 2nd month of trying to repair the damage, clean up the mess, in-order to put my place back on the market.  In the meantime I can not find them, any suggestions? I will need to take them to court to recoup my $2,600.00 past due rent, plus utilities which I had to pay during their tenancy as well as removal of rubbish , clean up, and painting again.  It is a none smoking house--they smoked pot/grew pot on the property, they also smoked in the house which required clean up and a new paint job.  I'm still in the process of fixing damage done to my property, it is adding up.  I will also be seeking lawyer fees as well as any other expenses which I have incurred. Also, how do I put this on their credit ratings? Suggestions would be helpful.

Sounds like a mess I wouldn't want to ever put myself in..I had one bad tenant who smoked in the garage even through the lease said no smoking inside and even the carpets where outdated I just painted in all/layed down some carpet..repaired miner things..Anyway back to your question an eviction may register  on reports 30to60days after Judgment.. The landlord doesn't have to report the judgment; instead, tenant reporting agencies search for the information and update their databases from public records.
Thank-you Doug, I will need to file a civil suit against them.  They have rented a new house, not sure how that could be, guess the new landlords do not check credit reports.  My tenants were evicted in September 2015, it should be on their credit reports by now?
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