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Costs after move out

I've been renting out my own place for awhile but just moved back in.  Now my girlfriend is dealing with a company here in arizona that is adding all these costs onto her. Including  -cost of cleaning the carpet. - cost of cleaning the apartment -repainting the home  - says there are holes in the wall.  this sounds like a scam she cleaned the whole place and now I find out they never did a walk thru with her at move out.  what would everyone advise on this one?

This sounds like it could be a scam. The only thing that would be good is if she did take photos on move out or has cleaning receipts. Also do as much research as possible on the new management co. you may find out that they do have bad history which would be great in your fight if it goes to court.
yeah, refusing to do a move out inspection because they didn't have time seemed fishy to me. found a section here Article 2 section C that says that are responsible for advising of when the move out inspection is done so the tenant could be present. No such effort was made.I think I'm just going to write them a strongly worded letter stating this .  My goal is to avoid a legal battle. I hope they will fold once I do this. I'm also thinking about BBB and department responsible for  housing in Arizona.
Not sure about AZ but in WA state the landlord is REQUIRED to do a move out inspection. If they don't the deposit has to be returned in full. The same law applies to move in inspection. As a lanlord I document Everything. As the saying goes "He with the most documentation wins". She should write a letter stating her concerns and send it certified.  What about the AZ landlord tenant act or laws? WA is very strict and black & white
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