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Month to month renter

My tenant has indicated that they want a month to month I have to send a renewel/vacate every month to them??

As a month-to-month lease, every month that landlord collects rent from the tenant, he/she is accepting as a tenant in that apartment for another month. However, the landlord may end the tenancy by giving a 30 days written notice.
In Wisconsin, this can be a 28 day notice.
Thank You!
I have been a month to month renter (maybe) since  2013  there has been no verbal or written agreement as to my continued tenancy received a notice to pay or vacate had the part of the rent  and just needed a copy of a current lease to receive assistance for both rent and energy assistance , was not provided with necessary documents and Energy assistant called my landlord and basically made him provide needed information.. Didn't get rent assistance but did get lucky and a friend offered to give me a loan to pay May, June, and 1/2 of July...landlord would not accept ....landlord and all other tenants are latino an the landlords cousin is residing in a one bedroom apt with two other adu!ts...I am quiet sure he wants my apartment for the cousin...until just recently coup!e lived next to me, she had a warrant and a no contact order against the guy she was living with..the landlord was fulliy aware of the situation due to the fact I informed him, police were called numerous times by myself and the other residents.I mentioned to my landlord  Im sure that letting them reside here had to be illega, he's says well, at least they pay rent (I'm getting evicted for being late with rent ).they were finally kicked out just recently after she broke a window trying to get in his apt...every apt. in this six unit building got new carpet and kitchen and bathroom floors even the laundry room got new linoleum... I had to threaten him with the BBC just for chunk of carpet the living room...I have a stack of evidence against this guy I tried numerous venues seeking help to avoid this eviction not to mention killing my credit score that I worked so hard to fix...I have court at 2:15 today...will update
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