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Amount of time to go after tenant for damages

I rented a furnished apartment to a traveling nurse with a small dog that was suppose to be putty trained. I charged her an SD and a pet deposit. She signed a 6 month lease than said she injured her back and had to leave. She had already paid that months rent and wanted me to return the check. I reminded her that she needed to give me a 30 day notice so I was entitled to that months rent. I called her the following day and she said she had left and locked the door with the keys inside. I told her that was fine and I would work on returning her SD and pet deposit but needed a forwarding address. Five days later I was told the check I had deposited from her had been returned and I was charged a fee for handling. Then my cleaning lady started sending me pictures. She sent me several pictures and said it needed more than a good cleaning. Mold everywhere and if she did any cleaning it was not apparent. Also her putty trained dog urinated everywhere including the sofa's. The carpet was worst and was dirty and stained with urine and feces. I had to dispose of the sofa's and replaced the carpet. The mold took the longest to remove since we had to have it sprayed with fungicides and place a dehumidifier to take the moisture out of the air and help dry out the apartment. Then the time consuming of cleaning, and repairing of cabinets and painting. Damages amounted to over $1700 although she signed an agreement to pay half by the end of the month then flaked on me. How much time do I have to sue her? I have a relatives address but not sure if can her served there? Or if I should call them? Can I still have her served in another state by the Sheriff at her job? How much time do you have in Arizona.

Regarding message below from Bill F,  I am very well aware of 33-1902 on residential rental property; recording with the assessor; agent designation; civil penalty; fee.   Thanks anyway, mj  RE: Amount of time to go after tenant for damages  I just found this on the EZ site!   Posted by Bill F, MS on Saturday, December 5, 2015
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