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Breaking A Lease Legally

I signed a year lease for an apartment in Tuscaloosa AL in October of 2015. I recieved a job offer the next month in Texas(November) and moved in (December). I have tried for the last three months to find a sub lease and 3 of the 7 people have been denied and the other 4 do not qualify based on the realty company requirements. I can not get an apartment in Texas because this lease is listed in my name and the realty company will not help me find someone to get me out the lease. I tried to pay out the lease but they are telling me that i have to pay out the entire lease agreement. I have stay in good standing and still paying the rent monthly. Is there anything that I can do to legally break this lease?

The only way to really do this is to speak with the landlord and try to work with them for a exit plan. You can draw up a mutual termination of lease contract. This will help you both agree on terms and most landlords will want to work with you to help.
Unfortunately if the landlord will not work with you there is nothing that you can do. Most management companies will try to draw up a mutual termination of lease, so if you can remove all of your belongings so that they can show the unit this may encourage them to break the lease with you. Also check your lease if you are trying to sublease and the management does not allow for that you could be breaking the lease if you find a renter. Try to work with them and if all else fails talk to a real estate attorney as soon as a property management see the lawyer come around they will work quicker on letting you out.
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