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I want rent and her out of my property!  She acts like she owns it!

Tennant is habitually late. I called on 1/6 to advise of past due payment. She told me she would have it to me by 1/13. No show. I posted 3 day. She sent 30 day notice, however I'm already out this months rent....30 days puts me at mid Feb, . Which is another months rent. Here's the real kicker...wait for it....she informed me that if i take her to court I will get nothing  because she has filed for bankruptcy and she will file a stay!

So, Since you will "get nothing" anyways, your best bet is to do the right thing and take her a$$ to court. Don't be bullied by a loser like this!
I think you should seek the advice of a real estate agent. I prefer consulting Cloud Real Estate for advice on all such situations.
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