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eviction and removing tenant

What is my next step in evicting a tenant for failure to pay rent after issuing a 3-day pay or vacate notice?  My tenant is holding over and won't pay, and won't leave.

Property is in Seattle, WA.
There should be a local landlord club that would gladly provide you with good advice that is specific to the laws in Seattle Washington.  Here in Oregon, I would do a no-cause termination of the lease and not even mention rent. It might feel like it takes longer, but it's a sure fire way to get them out with minimal court appearances. I've had to do them only twice, and I think it's a lower-stress route to remove problem tenants.  But again, speak with your local group. They will be experts in the local laws and happy to help.  Best of luck,  Jeff
I am not sure of the laws in Washington but in Montana you have to go to your local justice or city court and do a complaint for possession.  you need to have proof that you legally served them with the 3 day either by hand delivery or by some sort of certified mailing for proof that they were given the  3 day notice to pay ( certified mailing usually means 6 days  because you ad 3 days for the mail system.   after you get paperwork filled out i take it back to court.  they charge me 50.00 for the court filing than i take the copies to the sheriff.  they serve the tenant (another 65.00)  than 10 days later there will be a court hearing and hopefully you will be granted possession.. than you can have the sheriff evict them... DONT wait and hope they will move on there own.....its a process but you need to stay on top of it and in a timely fashion.. in Montana the laws are totally for the tenant..I am working on one right now that after 5 years, she drove off into the sunset and let a whole house full of CRAP and 2 cats and a junk car sitting in the drive... oh and 2 months rent owing plus all the costs of cleaning the rental out and refurbishing...or you can just hire an attorney who specializes in this.
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