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When to terminate property manager, before or after eviction

Help!!!!! My current Property manager recommended my tenants, because she was familiar with them because they lived in a property that she had managed. The tenants moved into my place June 2017 and shorted the rent by $200.00, and have not paid 1 dime for July. My property manager reached out to them to find out why they have not paid, but my tenants will not respond. A pay or quit notice was sent and my property manager has filed paper work with her Lawyer to have my tenants evicted. My question is, I want to terminate my contract with my property manager because she has not used good judgement with selecting my tenants, (note: this was my first tenant that she found). I have to give my property managers a 60 day notice to terminate. Should I go ahead and send the termination letter now or should I wait until my tenants are fully evicted? I was afraid of sending the termination letter now, because I really want the property manager to complete the eviction process so I won’t have to do it. --'re the best judge as to who should represent you. Given the above, I too would would have questions. Best of luck. Keep us posted.
I understand that things come up and tenants aren’t able to pay; however to not communicate is unacceptable. Seems like my PM does not have my best interest in mind. For example, on Mon July 10th, my PM called me to tell me that the AC has gone out in the unit and that the repair guy could not make it out there to fix the unit until 2 days later on Wed the 12th. She said the tenants have asked if I would reimburse them for fans during this time. Mind you, I had ask on the 6th if rent had been paid and got no response from my PM. So when the PM called on the 10th about if I would reimburse the tenants if they bought fans, my first question was has the rent been paid? Of course the answer was no, so I told my PM that this is a no brainer answer, why would I reimburse them from anything, if they wont even pay the rent? I honestly felt like my PM should have never even asked me this question, and should have told the Tenants straight up that because rent had not been paid, there would be no reimbursements. Seems like she just doesn’t have my best interest in mind and had made a really poor choice in recommending these people to me.
Gwen....I agree with your statement except "We are allowed one or two mistakes", especially if its costing ME $$$$. In other words, it depends on the type of error.....In the above case, I don't blame the manager for tenants behavior. Also, it appears the manager is doing what (s)he was hired to do.....BTW, I'm not a property manager and never have been.
Is that the only thing your property manager has done?  Bad judgement on one tenant? or is it an ongoing problem with other things.  We are all human.  We are allowed one or two mistakes.    As a property manager, we have no idea when the tenant is going to turn into a problem tenant.  It does not matter if we were friends from the past.  You've never had a bad judgement?
If I was in your situation I would wait..... This doesn't stop you from looking and possibly working with 2 managers., using the new one to find new tenants.
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