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Reason enough to evict?

I have a tenant in TX that has been late on rent 2 out of the first 3 months. The lease says that they can be evicted for this. Does anyone have experience with the eviction process in Texas?

If rent is being paid but late try and change the date rent is due to work with the tenants. IF it continues than i would start with the proper notices. THe problem with this is that some tenants wait for the "fix or quit" notices before paying. Good luck. Worse comes to worse, contact a lawyer.
I'm asking this question for my Uncle. He has a home and rents out a room to a young lady and her daughter. Well, apparently there was some type of disagreement between my uncle and her. And she had her boyfriend come over and let him in and then proceeded to take him to my uncles room and opened his bedroom door and the boyfriend went in and started beating on him. He's got a black eye, swollen wrist, big cut on his forehead. He needs to get this girl out of his house. Is what happened reason enough to get her out?
Anne,    He should get a restraining order against her and her boyfriend.  Helps if he got medical attention or called the cops  and has police report.   With the restraining order she won't be able to live there.
Heather,  Do you have a late fee?  I have one tenant that pays late all the time I made at least $600 extra in late fees last year.  worth waiting an extra week for that kind of extra cash.
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