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Improper way of Landlord asking Tenant to move out

Hi, I'm a tenant of a beautiful home that i started renting to own almost 2yrs. ago. My landlord called me 2 weeks ago and told me that she was giving the house back to her Daughter. I currently live on HUD as well and have been on HUD since 2003 due to a tragic car accident i was in, and became disabled to ever work again. When we found this house 2yrs ago it had a for sale sign. So just out curiosity reasons i called the owner. We talked and she agreed to be come a HUD Landlord and eventually buy the house after a couple years, as i had a little credit repair to take care of. So i have repaired the credit and told her this and ask her if I made her an offer right now could we still buy the home. She said "blood is thicker than water and i'm sorry but i'm giving the house back to my daughter". She to me she was sending a letter stating i had until Nov. 1st 2017 to move out. That only gave us at that time 64 days to find a new home. I haven't received a letter yet or any type of eviction. There would be no reason for evection as i'm current with rent and have never been late or ever missed a rent payment. We still haven't found a home yet and time is counting down the days.. Ant ideas or Attorney's i can call to seek some legal advise, and what are my rights as a tenant at this point, who has done eveything right and yet is losing there dream home ? Thanks for any suggestions

Thank you for the responses, We have temporally found a rental to move into by Nov. 1st so we have started our moving journey. The new home doesn't have a garage so i had to get a storage unit for now, but now i can sit back and continue to shop for a new beautiful home to buy for my family...I made my soon to be old Landlord an offer for this house and was going take a Mortgage at a higher interest rate and re-finance in 5yrs. but she said no to it, and is still giving the house to her Daughter and Grandchildren. The sad part is, her daughter lived here for 3yrs before us with her kids and never paid any rent nor paid any of the utilities. Now Grandma is signing the Deed over to her daughter, so i'm going to assume with in 3-5 yrs this beautiful home which could of been purchased and Grandma could of walked away with a sold house and nice chunk of money in the bank, it will be up for Sheriff's sale !! So sad... We won't look back if that happens, by then we'll be in a more beautiful home that this family deserves.. Thank you all again :)
If you're with Housing, she can't (I don't believe) terminate your lease agreement. Her daughter would have to honor the lease. Hopefully, you have some type of agreement stating that you have a right to purchase the property. Normally there is a date by which you have to purchase. If there is no written agreement about purchasing, there is nothing you can do....unless you talk to an attorney and a verbal agreement can be proven....Good luck....keep us posted.
Do you have anything in writing from her that the payments you were making monthly were going towards a rent to buy agreement? If you dont have anything in writing, im pretty sure your monthly payments are just going to be considered monthly rental fees. Also, if she has not sent you a non renewal letter, i dont think she can get you out on Nov 1st.
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