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Tenant current but is vacating early/breaking lease- when can I relist apt?

My current tenant is claiming her lease is invalid (it is not), because she was displaced to an alternate accommodation provide by me and accepted by her during repairs, and is planning to vacate Jan 1st and is not planning to pay further rent.  She is also expecting me to return her deposit and last month's rent.  She has already vacated the alternate accommodations (repairs are complete) and refuses to live in the apt.  She currently has all her furnishings in the apt. and is claiming that she only used it as storage.  Since she is vacating, an eviction process does not seem applicable.  However, I need to relist the property to reduce my risk and replace her vacancy.  When can I do this?  Do I have to wait until the 11th day after the 10 day notice to pay or quit?   Or can I make some claim to the fact that she stated in writing (Dec 19th) that she was vacating and abandoned the property after the rent was due?   I have no intention of returning any of her rent monies or deposit until the property is re-rented either, and then, less the fees and expenses she incurred.  Attempts have been made to reason with her, negotiate early release etc. to no avail.   I feel like her refusal to acknowledge the lease validity and negotiate a release has left me having to take legal action to have her evicted in order to relist the apt.

Google "North Carolina tenant vacates leaves property" and the pdf called Article 2A.
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