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Occupant without a lease

How can I legally evict someone who is staying at my property without a lease?  I'm being told that he has the same rights as someone with a month to month lease.  Can I file something with the court to start the process?

Hello and welcome to the forum. If you've collected any type of rent-no matter how much-then the tenant can claim month to month. If you haven't collected, then check at the local police station to see if you can have them removed as a "squatter". Otherwise, you can always go to the county courthouse and file for a court date. Good luck
We have a tenant who bought a house and moved out and said "she had a guy to sub lease"  We told her we needed to get a background and credit check before he moved in and while waiting for the background check he moved in.  The background check and credit check was bad and we told him he had to move his stuff out.  We would not be adding him to the lease.  He is refusing to leave and the lease holder says "she can have visitors whenever she wants".     What is the best and quickest way to proceed?
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