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Who needs to clean?

Our tenants of 8 years are moving out. I cannot remember who's responsibility it is to deep clean the house?  Should I expect the tenants will do it i.e. leave the property the way they found it OR am I expected to deep clean? I don't mean cleaning rugs and painting, I mean washing walls, cleaning bathrooms, mopping hard wood floors, etc.

Tenants are expected to clean to the same level as when they first occupied. However, as this tenant lasted eight years, normal wear and tear would be justified to include rugs and painting. You can always charge for what you believe is fair but if push comes to shove, baring any physical damages., judges tend to side with the tenant for "deep cleaning" expenses as the landlord has collected eight years of rent.
In the same vein, what about small holes from nails (there is chipping and some are on walls painted with color, not easily patched/painted?
That's usually part of normal wear and tear.
I agree with Mathew M. 8 yrs is long tenancy nowadays, so normally landlords would be doing some painting and upkeep and possibly upgrading in those years.  So if you  have  done  none of these in those 8 yrs I would not charge them for painting!  They have saved you possibly 7 turnovers & the headaches that  come with them.
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