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collecting from damages and late fees

I have about $1200 in uncollected damages and late fees with a tenant who lives nearby.  How difficult is it to file in court (and how do I do this?) to try to get a judgement to have these damages paid?  She has been fired from her previous job, but she appears to be employed.  She will not voluntarily pay the damages.  She vacated the property but left a lot of belongings behind for weeks.  She eventually came and removed all of her belongings as soon as I started the eviction process.  All I had to do was post an eviction notice on the door--I did not follow through and complete that process.

It depends on your state. I know in Texas it’s nearly impossible to collect on a judgment so you can sell it to a collection agency but as you know you may only be offered pennies on the dollar. She
Does the court consider late fees? Did this person have a security deposit? Be sure to have all your documents in order, receipts for repairs, costs of items to replace. A judgement will be placed and no guarantee you will ever be paid. Some states will allow a garnish of wage.
Hello. You walk down to the county courthouse and ask how to file for a court date at the help desk. Then, you take the documents to the Sheriffs office (usually located in the same building and request to have the tenant served. There will be a fee for both but just pass it on to the charges. Then, show up in court.
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