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Tenant on lease moved out. Left occupants behind who are not on lease

Hello,   can anyone help me? We have a property in PA that the person whose name is on the lease, the only name, has moved out of the home. She has left behind 4 occupants who are not on the lease, except under occupants of property. What should I do? Occupants want to stay and pay money towards rent that is due, but in meantime they owe money for rent. How can I go after the person (tenant)who has left property? I have her new address, so unsure what type of notice to send. The 10 day or quit wont apply to her since she has moved out already and no intention of returning. (I was unaware when she moved and just found out she did).  I need to try to collect as much as I can. I did collect a security deposit but this is  going over that amount by next month.  Thanks in advance!!!

Have the 4 people left behind sign a lease.  Start collecting rent from them immediately.  Get a security deposit.  Have them fill out the move-in/move-out check list.  Inspect the property find any damage that needs to be charged to the tenant that moved,  take a lot of pics in case the new tenants cause damage and try to pass it off as preexisting.
I would do a move out inspection for the all of the damages and the amount owed that she as the lease holder left behind. You have 15 to 30 days to send her a Claims notice and Final account statement, according to whatever state it’s in. If she doesn’t pay then put the balance in collections so that it will appear on her credit.   Hope this helps!
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