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Tenant wants to evict 18 year old child

My Tenant is having problems with a daughter that is 18 and just graduated, he wants me to evict her.  She is listed on my lease as a dependent child since she was when we signed the lease 4 years ago.    Can the parents evict the child from a home that they lease?    I want nothing to do with this entire situation.  Please help me find a way where I can send this one to someone else with minimal involvement for me.

I have never run into this situation. However  parents are not required to provide for an adult child.   I would question what the daughter is doing to cause the parents to want to kick her out or if they just want her gone  simply because she is 18.  I would possibly provide the parents with some flyers on programs for teens.   which provides housing, job training and an allowance for teens 16 -24 . This would be a good option for removing a teen from the home with out actually tossing her out If the teen is a danger to herself or others then it would be a matter for law enforcement.  What ever you decide  to help or to take a hand off approach is entirely up to you.
I'd think it's up to the tenant to evict the daughter.
Good morning,  You CANNOT evict based solely upon the request of other tenants. You can only evict based upon violation of lease. The parents are trying to play innocent by getting you to be the bad guy. I would tell them "As long as the lease isn't violated, there is nothing I can or will do." Have them call the police next time.  if you've ever rented to a couple that's moved in with each other then had a falling out, the situation is the same.  Good Luck
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