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Unauthorized Painting

The tenant painted the kitchen cabinets without final approval.  They had requested to do so but we did not give permission to proceed.  This was done within the first week of their occupancy.  The cabinets were older style wood grain (but in good condition) and they painted them white.  Fast forward one year and they are now moving out.  Can we deduct monies from their security deposit (or withhold all $875) ?  Property is in the State of Wisconsin.

Hello,  I rent in Milwaukee and Cudahy WI. Upon vacating, tenants are expected to return the unit to the same appearance as when they rented it (minus normal wear and tear). I would send them written notification that either they return the cabinets to the original state or you will use the deposit to do so.   Good luck.
Yeah that would have ticked me  off. They painted without authorization....but looking at it after the  fact,  it  would ultimately for me depend on how good  of a job they  did on the  cabinets!  If they did a good job  and I liked the new color and considered it somewhat of an improvement  then I would  leave it and not charge the tenants (nor  would I reimburse them for the materials as they blatantly did a significant  change  without approval).  If I  thought  the color or quality  of the paint job was not acceptable I would take the 'damage & repair costs' out  of the Security Deposit..
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