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Tenant Suing for Double Deposit

My tenant lived in my unit for only 3 months and broke the lease, I allowed it because she was a super difficult tenant anyways. Well, she never received the deposit form (which she owed money) and now she is suing me for a double deposit because she never got the letter. I'm not even sure if my manager sent it to her, I think we both thought the other person did it (awful planning on my part, because the property sold) Now, I just don't know what to do. I feel like she's wrong for suing me after I allowed her to leave the unit without paying the rest of the rent for that period... It's just not right.... DO you think I have any leg to stand on in court?

As far as I know... at least in Maine... if you don't return the security deposit within the specific time and do not send the accounting of why you withheld the security deposit.. then the landlord loses the right to withhold ANY part of the security deposit.   There is another form the tenant sends warning that if the security deposit it not returned in a specified time... then the landlord is liable for Double Damages For Willful Retention..
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