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Property not quite move in ready

My renter is due out on the first.  I have another renter ready to move in.  I am totally broke.  My new renter and I would like to cut a deal to where they do a little painting, carpet shampooing, and other maintenance in return for a reduced rent for a few months.  I get paid, they get a brake.  How do I go about this legally on paper with the residential lease created on EZLF?  Can I add an addendum?  It won't show up in the table of contents will it?  Does it need to?  Please Help!

You can include a custom addendum, and it will show up on the table of contents. Go under the Landlord Forms menu to Custom Documents and create the addendum from there, and then the addendum will appear in Step 10 of the lease builder wizard. Alternatively, you could write in the details of your agreement in the lease agreement directly, in the open text box in Step 9 of the lease builder wizard.
Oh, I didn't know you could create custom documents. Thanks!
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