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Non-Payment of Pet Deposit & tenant has two dogs

I gave my tenant a break and let them pay me the pet deposit two weeks after they moved in.  They still haven't paid what can I do about getting payment or telling them to get rid of the dogs.  

They are in breach of contract...give them a 3 day to pay or quit notice or you could give them a 3 day to perform or quit notice...either one would work.  Don't let it go on...once they think you are soft they will take advantage over and over.
Even though they may pay their rent in a timely manner; take note whether this is a good reason to evict them.   Hopefully your lease explains that just because you do not take action immediately, or as stated in the lease; you are not considered in breach of your end of the agreement.  And should you decide to act at any point given that you have notified the tenant of their breach and the possible action that they are in danger of in writing, you  are still within your rights according to the lease.  Perhaps, if the rent is paid in a timely manner and if the pet has not done any damage at the end of the lease, after a "walk-through", the Tenant will be worth keeping.
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