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Infestation Issue - who pays extermination costs

A very close friend & business acquaintance of mine owns a 2-family rental.  Although having no issues with collecting rent from occupants of either unit, the problem of roach and bug infestation has arisen from an uncleanliness issue on the part of the tenants occupying the lower level apartment.  In such a case, is the landlord responsible for the exterminating cost, or the tenant?

The owner or occupant in control of a dwelling shall keep      the premises free from rodents, and from infestations of      insects and other pests, and from any condition conducive to      rodent or insect and other pest life.  When any premises is subject to infestation by rodents or      insects and other pests, the owner or occupant in control      shall apply continuous eradication measures.  
I am dealing with that very issue, I have a four plex and to of my tenants, which are now gone, have cause a major infestation problem, to where, I have pest control come out monthly, until I can get this situation under control, but last year, I did not have this problem.  However, I am in agreement, I believe it is the owners responsibility to keep the property clear of pest.  To include telling the tenants to keep their place of residents clean to minumize the pest issue.
Massachusetts who pays for infestation issue located in Massachusetts  and if tenant tampers with heating system who is responsible?
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