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collecting rent

I was renting to someone monthly they got behind and so they started paying weekly, when the week 5 came around they didnt want to pay.. .. also I was renting to other people who was paying weekly then when a month with 5 weeks came they paid for the month... how do you handle the 5 week when its here, dont know how to explain it....should I collect it or not?   

I use Venmo and Paypal.
I respectfully disagree w/Jessica. They already know it will tarnish their credit if reported. If this is their 1st time being late, call them for an explanation and make your decision based on their explanation. If not, send them a pay/quit notice. This will show them you mean business. It takes time to remove a tenant. How long can you go without collecting rent.
You may want to show your tenants a calendar... that way they can see it in black and white. This is also a good form to use, if they choose not to pay.
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