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Swing set question

Hello -We are renting our home to a family. We have a swing set in the backyard. It is in good/safe condition right now, but is several years old, so we of course do not want to take responsibility if one of their children is hurt on it. They would like us to keep it up in the backyard, and said they would sign a waiver attesting to the fact that they would not hold us responsible if their children were hurt on the swingset. Is this ok, and any suggestions as to how I should word the waiver? Many thanks!

Check with your insurance agent. He might suggest that they take out a renter’s policy and/or you increase your liability. If it was me, I would sell it to them for a dollar (??) and agree that they remove the swing set when they move. In other words, the swing set is theirs. You can do this with an addendum to the agreement.
Thank you - great advice!
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