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Claims of Mold Issues in Garage

I own a unit that seats on top of a number of garages, I recently had a Condo owner come to me and claim that an old leak from my unit upstairs has caused a smell and possible mold issues in his garage (I was told by one of the other homewoners that insurance normally does not cover mold issues.  I don't believe there is any mold and I couldn't smell anything when this guy showed me his garage, although we haven't had the garage tested for mold, but even there was mold, being that all of the garages are connected (some have partition walls, some don't), shouldn't this issue be a building issue?  In other words, should this issue fall under the association responsibility?  I live in Southern California, any input on this matter is greatly appreciated.

I would contact your hoa and see what they have to say. If you don't ask, then you won't know the answer. If it's not covered many mold companies come out and do inspections for free, letting you know if its normal or harmful.
Thx for the advice, I'll follow up and report back to all
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